Read These Now Because Rainbows Will NOT Destroy You

Gay pride around the world.

New York San Francisco Seattle Delhi Chicago Paris Berlin Europe Toronto

Stonewall and Beyond

Dyke Festival in San Francisco.

I hope anyone who participated had a great time. I did not participate as I hate sweat, crowds, and organized mayhem; that is a general rule for any large event. I avoid them all. Plus, Asheville does not officially have pride until October. I, of course, will not attend for the reasons mentioned. I also agree with Bobby's post on Saturday. I guess I am celebrating this morning by listening to Marc Almond's Mother Fist, Visage's Anvil, Cyndi's new album, and Liza's cover of Twist in My Sobriety the Razormaid mix. HA! Toss in Curve's version of I Feel Love for good measure. I know that is heresy to a friend's worship of Donna Summer. HA!

Now, the bad news: 20 Pride marchers hurt in Czech attacks

60 arrests and petrol bomb attacks at Sofia Pride

In a private meeting in Ohio, Senator John McCain said "he would take seriously their (conservatives) requests that he choose an anti-abortion running mate and would talk more openly about his opposition to gay marriage." (LA)

"Homosexual behaviour is largely shaped by genetics and random environmental factors, according to findings from the world's largest study of twins." (Eurekalert) The articles appears in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, but you have to pay for the pdf.

What a surprise! Mugabe is still president of Zimbabwe. (BBC)

Elizabeth Dole deserves a fight for her Senate seat here in NC. "North Carolina Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole holds the edge in her bid this year for a second term. But fluctuating polls over the month and a half since state Sen. Kay Hagan won the May 6 Democratic primary have raised questions about how solid and secure Dole is in her status as the favorite."

U.S. escalating covert operations against Iran

A new Army report says that in the "euphoria of early 2003" (UGH) US commanders in Iraq did not seek additional troops for the "occupation." (Yahoo)

The Pentagon fights an EPA order to clean up military bases where dumped chemicals pose an "imminent and substantial" threat. (WP)

The 5 Most Creative Ways to Clean Up Pollution (Discover)

Bishop of Manchester ordains his wife. (Telegraph)

Pigs Prefer Three Square Meals A Day

"A pig that survived 36 days in the rubble of the Chinese earthquake has been adopted by a museum."

Grace Jones readies comeback album for October. (Digital Spy)

Writing "fuck off" on an exam might get you "7.5 percent for accurate spelling and effective communication." (Yahoo)

Drew Barrymore will make her directing debut with the roller derby comedy, Whip It.

Hollywood Strike Part 2? (Yahoo)

Retro Cereal Boxes. (Sun-Sentinel)

Cereal Quisp

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