Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker RedEmma: "I moved to Seattle about 2 years ago. I was prepared for the steep hills. I knew it would be overcast and rainy a lot in the winter. But what I wasn't ready for was that in the summertime, it stays light until 9:30 or even 10:00 at night. You can go into a 7-something movie, and when you come out, it will still be full daylight outside. It still surprises me.

"So, my suggestion for a Question of the Day is: When you've moved to or visited a place that you haven't lived (or been to) before, what was something that you weren't prepared for? What surprised you the most? What's the thing that no one told you about?"

I'm reminded of coming back to the US after living in Scotland for awhile, and noticing how much higher the sky seems in the US. It's such a weird phenomenon; I mentioned it to Iain and he totally understood what I meant. It's evidently an illusion created by the island climate, and the small size of the island itself, in Britain.

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