Question of the Day

Howdy Kittens. The ever-delightful blog mistress cracked her whip and made me prance around until I could think of a question of the day. Just kidding. Though, the image is meowlicious.

Since I am in papermaking mode today (as stated in the Morning Readings) and gearing up for reams and reams of lovely handmade paper, the Question of The Day is:

What are your hobbies?

I discovered papermaking through a mediocre Arnold Grummer-style hour-long class. It was a basic pour method with simple inclusions. It was great for a beginner or an elementary student. Only after LOTS of research did I discover all the intricacies, fibers, and techniques necessary for creating a true quality piece of paper. Anyone who decides to pursue a craft or hobby develops their own techniques (shortcuts) and what works for them. While I would love a Hollander beater to BEAT my own fibers, the cost outweighs usage. Plus, I am sure the neighbors would think I was concocting METH in my converted garage/studio if I started cooking fibers. HA! I like to buy pulp in pails from Twinrocker or use something called pulp-sheets which are already beaten and formed into thick pieces. I just soak them in water and beat with a drill attachment. I am also a big a fan of recycled materials. My precious Dunhill boxes make a lovely sheet of creamy paper with flecks of gold and red. While not practical for writing, they are just pretty. I get more enjoyment from making a sheet of paper than any practical purpose. It is about escape and relaxation more so than any commercial facet. When making a routine sheet of paper, I like a particular blend: 1/3 Abaca or hemp, 1/3 cotton and a 1/3 Spanish flax. Those fibers work best for me. I have a durable piece of paper and I can use various pigments for color. Henna, cochineal bugs, and indigo make lovely shades. I am a big fan of pearlescent pigments that add a shimmer to paper. I guess that is the gay boy in me. I am still an amateur so you won't see me in the pages of Hand Papermaking.

Here are some early examples as they are all I can find on this computer. I am a lazy sort and once I resume my papermaking, after a year off, I will post my creations. The studio is clean and ready to go!

This is black denim pulp with copper pearlescent pigment.

This is my attempt at marbleizing with pulp instead of paint or pigments as an overlay after the paper is formed.

These are part of the Earth series where I swirled various colored pulps in the vat. Yes, I believe there is a black continent somewhere. HA!

This is a piece of paper embedded with dried Spanish moss.

That is all I have for now kittens. Hopefully I can share more in the upcoming weeks.

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