Michelle Obama on The View

This morning was the big day that Michelle Obama showed her "softer side" on The View. Of course, the topic of Hillary arose and Joy Behar asked her if she thought there was sexism in the media. She says yes and that there were "elements of racism" also. She dodges the inevitable Hillary as running mate question posed by Barbara Walters.

Here's the video and a rough transcript below.

UPDATE: Below the transcript is the video of the Matthew Broderick segment with Michelle Obama discussed in comments. Michelle's face is priceless when Broderick tells of James Wilke's reasoning for Obama: "He's five. So the answer might not be as sophisticated as you would like. For one thing, he likes the man to beat the lady." Michelle responds: "That's James Wilke, not me."

Transcript for the first video:
Joy Behar:…Hillary Clinton and sexism and if you felt, a propos of this conversation, was there, do you feel there was any sexism in the media?

Michelle Obama: I—there is—yes, there is always a level of, um, people aren't used to strong women. Um, and I don't think that—there are times we don't even know how to talk about them. Uh, and so yes there were obviously that, there was also, um, you know, there were elements of racism, um, that will go on, and I think that, um, uh, Hillary Clinton has, as she said, she's, uh, created 18 million cracks on a ceiling, and we need to keep pushing it and pushing it, um, because it is only until women like her step out, take the risk, take those hits, and it's painful, and it's hurtful, but she's taken them so that my girls, uh, when they come along, they want have to feel it as, as, as, as badly.

Barbara Walters: Soooo…

Obama: Yes?

Walter: I don't think I'm going to get an answer to this question, but we'll try. So, do you think that Hillary Clinton should be your husband's running mate?

Obama: You know, uh… [applause] Right? You know my—

Walters: waa waa. (no clue what she said)

Obama: You know my answer to this, and people have asked me this before, uh, I think the one thing that a nominee earns is the right to pick the vice-president that they think will, um, best, uh, reflect their vision of the country; and I'm just glad I will have nothing to do with it.

Sherri Shepherd: You have no say so whatsoever?

Obama: No.

Shepherd: You can't whisper?

Obama: And I don't want it. I don't want to say.

Then Hasselbeck asks about how they take a break from politics. The KIDS!

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