M. Thomas Eisenstadt, Dickstein, Shapiro and Abrad2345? - yeah, yeah, I know, but it's like Tetris

Ok, I'm sorry. I can't help myself. This M. Thomas Eisenstadt thing is like Tetris to me now as I keep seeing blocks fitting. Did you ever play Tetris so much that you started dreaming about it? I did. Let me assure you I'm not dreaming about the hoax that is M. Thomas Eisenstadt.

Anyway, this will be brief:

Checking out some info on abrad2345, the youtube video guy, I came across this post last year at The Daily Background by Arlen Parsa.

Despite being personally damn-near convinced that Ms Bradford (if not her employer) was behind the videos, I knew that it would be irresponsible to report what I thought to be true- as straight fact. As such, I tried to write the post in such a manner as to leave the possibility that I could be wrong about all of these things I believed to be facts, and that they could be all coincidences (the lede of my post read: “An employee of the Republican ad firm responsible for 2004's controversial "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" advertisements has apparently been producing viral videos which ridicule Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.”) Obviously I could have done a better job at this.

After I published that item, which contained both information I knew to be true, and also information I merely believed to be true, it got some attention. Today, I got an email from the DC law firm Dickstein Shapiro LLP, which represents SRCP. They were worried that I had published inaccurate information, and wanted me to remedy the situation.
If you may remember, the first post I had about M. Thomas Eisenstadt was when he wrote about Dennis Hastert joining the "tranny friendly" Dickstein Shapiro LLC. The aforementioned "SRCP" is "Stevens Reed Curcio & Potholm"

Making this even more interesting (Oh, look, another block, yippee!!) is that the first comment on the blog post by Parsa is from a commenter named "Jummy."
"Jummy" is also a name used in the socketpuppet campaign by M. Thomas Eisenstadt, commenting at Welcome to Pottersville. "Jummy" also commented several times on another post by Parsa. That post was linked to in a post by … M. Thomas Eisenstadt.

"Jummy" also chased Parsa around to a post at Hot Air. The Hot Air posts mentions the MySpace page of one "Public Persuasion" who is a Rudy Giuliani fan (like Eisenstadt), a Debbie Schlussel fan (like Eisenstadt), and writes in a manner suspiciously like M. Thomas Eisenstadt, with name- and bar-dropping references aplenty:

I'm tall, blonde, dare-we-say Coulter-esque? ( I've been told a few times.) music. media. politics. avid. adams-morgan if I'm in the District. Old Town Alexandria. I love the Lynchburg Lemonade at the Red, Hot & Blue in Arlington (Lee Atwater RIP ;( Closer to work, I love Pat Troy's Irish bar (esp. the Reagan Corner) and you'll sometimes find me at the Warehouse on King. Always curious to see what's up at the Torpedo Factory.

I read that the Rudy team was relaunching their whole web presence, and thankfully that includes cutie Dan Meyers (OMG, I'm pretty sure this is the same guy...Dan, that was the wildest elevator ride I've EVER had! GOPalooza will never be the same. And to answer your question from the next morning...yes, you can keep them ;)))

Here's the latest in 'that' series of ads. Not sure why everyone keeps asking me questions about them. I just think they're pretty creative, even if I don't agree with everything in them. This one connects Fred Thompson to Larry Craig. Ewww!
Dan Meyers, mentioned by M. Thomas Eisenstadt, was also pointed to by Big Head DC as a possible identity of abrad2345. This is Meyers (I suppose) in his own YouTube video.

M. Thomas Eisenstadt could not be reached for comment, as he is busy lying about attending the AIPAC Conference.

Ok, seriously, that's all on the subject. Really. Most likely. Probably.


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