John McCain's Foreign Policy Advisor M. Thomas Eisenstadt brings an army of sock puppets to the position

As the M. Thomas Eisenstadt story continues, we look at the sheer vastness of the sockpuppetry Mr. Eisenstadt - who says he's a member of the John McCain Campaign - has engaged in.

A couple things: First, most of the comments below had links to M. Thomas Eisenstadt posts, I left them out.

Second, note how many of the following include M. Thomas Eisenstadt with other, known conservatives, in what's obviously a coordinated effort to make M. Thomas Eisenstadt appear to be someone.

Based on my e-mail exchange with Michael Eisenstadt, and the second point above, I'm inclined to believe that these are two separate people. Michael Eisenstadt is someone, I'd find it strange that he'd resort to so, so many acts of sockpuppetry to make himself appear to be someone of importance. Of course, it's all still unfolding. I'll call the McCain Camp again tomorrow as I don't expect a reply.

So here is a list of the sockpuppetry in question. Let me tell you, there are A LOT of them. Check for yourself. You'll also find that aside from the sock puppetry and pingbacks from Eisenstadt's site, there are no other mentions whatsoever of M. Thomas Eisenstadt on Google.

Which seems kind of odd for someone who worked for Rudy Giuliani and has been named a "Liaison with the Jewish community” and “foreign policy advisor” for the John McCain campaign.

(Note: The name in parentheses is the name given by the commentor)

At Majikthise:

Eli, do you work for the Eisenstadt Group? Is the Harding Institute affiliated with the Eisenstadt Group?

The Eisenstadt group is a political consulting firm. M. Thomas Eisenstadt is going to a lot of trouble to cast aspersions on Jeff Hart and/or Thomas Callahan. May I ask what's going on here?

Now you're saying that Callahan isn't a plagiarist, but he was King Abdullah's frat brother.

Nancy - great reporting, but I wanted to alert you to my boss, M. Thomas Eisenstadt’s new blog post “In Defense of Plagiarism: Why Tim Goeglin Got Thrown Under the Bus.” Thomas may not agree with everything you’ve said, but I think you’ll find it interesting that the original piece you say Goeglin plagiarized from, may in fact be an act of plagiarism itself.
At HuffingtonPost: (Zaphod21)

This is slightly OT from the Oil angle, but not sure where else to mention. I saw that M. Thomas Eisenstadt just blogged about Jordan's King Abdullah II and Asst. Sec. of State Thomas Callahan. Turns out they may have been frat buddies at Dartmouth. It might explain a few things about OPEC and Abdullah's trip to Washington:
At The American Scene: (rob)

It’s no surprise that the neocon movement is crumbling. When you’ve got yahoos like Douglas Feith, Elliot Abrams and M. Thomas Eisenstadt doing the caterwauling, it’s garbage in, garbage out.
At Welcome to Pottersville: (jummy)

Daniel Pipes makes his toady, M. Thomas Eisenstadt look like a rational Republicrat ----- they're all sniveling hosers.
At PoynterOnline: (Eli Perle)

Jim, nice work covering the story, but I'd suggest you take a look at my colleague M. Thomas Eisenstadt's piece where he discovers that one of Goeglein's first "victims" was Jeffrey Hart, who apparently cribbed his article (or at least part of it) in the first place. More importantly, Eisenstadt argues that Goeglein was thrown under the bus by the Bush Administration as part of a larger agenda to burnish his legacy.
At The Tory Anarchist: (Marwan)

You should followup the story. Look further down the rabbit hole and you’ll see that the plagiarism may have actually stemmed from Jeffrey Hart himself. One way or another, those boys down at Dartmouth have a lot of ’splaining to do. Start by taking a look at M. Thomas Eisenstadt’s blog.
At Alex Jones' Truth News: (zarchon)

Brilliant piece…’s no surprise that pipes runs with loonies like Douglas Feith, M. Thomas Eisenstadt and Paul Wolfowitz. It makes JINSA look like Eisenstadt’s Harding Institute.
At the Winston Salem Journal: (filly)

I just read that the McCain campaign - through their proxy M. Thomas Eisenstadt - has already criticized this move. they've had enough problems with purging lobbyists from their ranks, and they don't need another reminder that Hastert was instrumental in the '06 sweeping loss of Congress (remember Mark Foley?). Turns out "DICKstein, et al" may be a bit light on their loafers. Say it ain't so, Denny!
At Foresight Nanotech Institute: (latchkee)

M. Thomas Eisenstadt just blogged about Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Asst. Sec. of State Thomas Callahan. Turns out they may have been frat buddies at Dartmouth. It might explain a few things….
At Constitution Club: (staige)

I reckon the point about Hart, is it’s the soft anti-semitism of patronization. Maybe not something to scream to the rooftops, but if you read the full article he wrote (not just the quote in the blog), it’s clear that the guy has a weird Jew-fetish. Granted (or granite, as I’m sure they say at Dirtmouth), he’s 77.

So maybe we’ll cut him some slack. Also, follow some of the older links on M. Thomas Eisenstadt’s blog and you’ll see that Hart was involved in the Goeglein plagiarism scandal (he was the one first plagiarized, but as Eisenstadt figured out, he didn’t seem too bothered by it….maybe ‘cuz he didn’t want people digging up his other nutty Review articles about them dang blasted smart Jews.
At Papermag: Word Up!: (marwan)

Speaking of Spitzer, M. Thomas Eisenstadt just noticed that Eliot Spitzer could afford the talents of Ms. Dupre, but couldn't even pay for an original resignation speech.
At The New York Observer: (rupolph)

Ickes is right. Mark Penn is no different than a Karl Rove or an M. Thomas Eisenstadt. That's what happens when you employ Republican tactics in a Democrat primary.
At My Right Word: (yosi)

I know she shouldn't have worn it, but why drag everyone into the mud? I saw that McCain's team just smacked down Debbie Schlussel for bringing Megan McCain (John's young daughter) into the Rachael Ray controversy. It's on M. Thomas Eisenstadt's blog today.
At Pressing Issues: (Eli Perle)

I know there's a lot of people Goeglein ripped off, but the one interesting one is still Jeffrey Hart, the guy from the Dartmouth Review who seemed to be a favorite source. My colleague M. Thomas Eisenstadt has a great blog called "In Defense of Plagiarism". In it, he digs into Hart and finds out that he himself copped part of his original story. Here's the blog: In Defense of Plagiarism: How Tim Goeglein Got Thrown Under the Bus
At The Political Tipster: (marwan)

See M. Thomas Eisenstadt has a new post comparing how Spitzer handled his urges compared to Giuliani
At Soccer Dad: (rocky 22)

Look, I don't even know what dhimmitude means, but it's guys like Pipes, Debbie Schlussel and M. Thomas Eisenstadt who are the real danger to American freedom.
At Campus Progress: (Corinne)

A friend of mine interned at The Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy in DC last semester. She said the head guy there, M. Thomas Eisenstadt was like a Pipes clone – always quoting him and spewing out anti-Muslim venom. (I’m surprised you don’t have him on the list, too.) She said all these bearded pseudo-intellectuals are just over compensating…if you know what I mean….
At The Wall Street Journal: (frnke_rev)

Charlie Black is nothing as a lobbyist. From what I hear, it’s firms like Dickstein, Shapiro - or worse, rogue lobbyists like Stanley Rubin (loosely affiliated with The Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy) who somehow evade reporting requirements while they’re out there pushing on behalf of the government of Sudan and Myanmar. Rubin and, undoubtedly, his crony M. Thomas Eisenstadt are the real ones to worry about.
At Fiery Spirited Zionist: (anonymous)

What do you expect from guys like Daniel Pipes, Douglas Feith and M. Thomas Eisenstadt?
At Kissing Suzy Kolber: (rustytom)

This is hysterical! It reminds me of the time that Marnie Vander Helsing was on Hardball a couple months ago. Chris could barely keep his tongue in his mouth. what a blowhard. He’s like M. Thomas Eisenstadt on mescaline.
At Tikun Olam: (n123frog)

this is the sort of thing I’d expect from guys like Jacobs, Pipes and that other guy M. Thomas Eisenstadt who also all ‘consulted’ for Giuliani. Fat lot of good it did him.
At Mondoweiss: (avi)

Very well stated, Phillip. It brings to mind this tidbit I saw the other day about Obama confidante Jeffrey Hart in M. Thomas Eisenstadt 's musings. Hart, it turns out, has very disturbing views on Judaism, and it's troubling that this is the sort of people Obama's getting his advice from.
At Sweetness and Light: (katz)

On the other hand, maybe this is balanced out by Obama confidante Jeffrey Hart who really, really likes Jews (whether they want him to or not). You can read about it on M. Thomas Eisenstadt’s blog:
At The Jewish Journal: (fredee)

Speaking of anti-Semitic, what do you make of this Obama supporter Jeffery Hart’s view of Jews: M. Thomas Eisenstadt’s blog Like the pig joke, it’s a little confusing - is he for us or against us?
At Crooks and Liars: (Ronald - again linking to one of those Giuliani viral videos):

I was at a lecture recently where M. Thomas Eisenstadt of the the right wing Harding Institute spoke and this is the exact strategy he outlined. Obama is too cool for school, a lot more vulnerable than you all think.
The PR Guy: (Stanley Rubin):

Well said. That's why you should also read M. Thomas Eisenstadt, who reports how the main guy that Goeglein ripped off, Jeffrey Hart, himself ripped off Asst. Deputy Secretary of State Thomas Callahan. Hart should have also remembered that the internet is forever.
At Sourcewatch: (none)

wondering why there's no mention here of M. Thomas Eisenstadt from the Harding Institute. He seems to fit in this mindset.
At the Washington Post: (m thomas eisenstadt!)

Barack Obama, born in Hawaii, who only a few months ago was accused of not being black enough is now, in the eyes of many Americans, a bedfellow of Farrakhan, the Reverand Jeremiah Wright and the black liberation movement. Talk about chickens coming home to roost.

Obama, who somewhere along the way decided to ride the coat tails of the African-American experience, something his DNA has no connection to whatsoever, is now reaping the flip side of that experience. Obama, raised by a white woman from Kansas, a distant relative of Dick Cheney, thought that by mimicking Martin Luther King's speaking style, he could garner nearly 100% of the African-American Democratic primary vote and displace Bill as the first black president.

What Barack failed to take into account is that there's a reason why there's never before been a genuinely African-American president and that is because we enslaved, raped and lynched them over a period of four hundred years and there remains some lingering resentment and animosity.

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