I write irritated responses to idiots that refuse to accept that using rape as a metaphor is wrong

Here is David Swanson's response to my "I Write Letters" post regarding his post "Rapist Talk":

Response from David Swanson.

Actually you don't write letters, because you never sent me a letter or a fax or an Email.

Meh. I left it as a comment in the blog post that you took down. As for this missive, consider it whatever you want, if you stumble upon it, great, if not, I don't care. Because you're an ideologue, David, and ideologues never understand a damn thing unless it is about their one sole idea. My sole reason for writing this is just to have it on record that you're a myopic sexist.

But I did just find this. I took the post down because of a misunderstanding related to racism that I thought was crazy until I saw this misunderstanding related to sexism. I tend to agree with the comment above that comparing rape to war doesn't trivialize rape. In fact, the occupation of Iraq involves countless cases of rape, sexual torture, nonsexual torture, murder, theft, looting, home destruction, melting skin off children, bombing, shooting, demolishing, and looting.

Wow. War is really fucking terrible. And I totally, 100 percent agree. So why do you need to use the sexual violation of a woman as a metaphor for it???

I want to see it ended. Congress is considering dummping another fortune of our grandchildren's money into it, and I want them to vote No. But the guy calling the shots says he wants to be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in. That's a very sick idea.

Barack Obama is not calling the shots.

If you saw someone stabbing somebody with a knife and yelled "Stop it!" you wouldn't take seriously a reply that he wanted to be as careful about stopping as he was careless about starting, as he continued to stab the person over and over. But Obama's choice of words lend themselves better to rape than stabbing as a metaphor.

First off, you are hereby forbidden from ever using a metaphor again. You just don't have the knack for it. But at least now we know that you made a conscious editorial decision to be a misogynistic piece of crap and trivialize the anguish and pain felt by millions and millions of women that have been sexually abused. Because you think war needs a powerful metaphor to get people's attention.

That they do so allowed me to make the point that the occupation of Iraq is a criminal action in progress, the largest and most serious criminal action now in progress anywhere. How the hell that trivializes rape is beyond me, but for the record I have no interest in trivializing rape.

Ask someone who has been raped how that trivializes it. Ask someone who has had a loved one raped how that trivializes. You not being able to understand the fact that you trivialize rape by using it as a metaphor is not made any better by writing "I have no interest in trivializing rape."

That being said, I'm unaware of anyone else fantasizing such a thing...

Get ready to meet one hell of a lot of feminists that "fantasized" that you were trivializing rape.

...but a number of other people screamed "Racism!" because Obama is black. My intention was, of course, not to trivialize or encourage racism either. Thank you for understanding THAT :-) But people were intentionally putting that spin on the thing, resulting in conversations about racism rather than the war. At the moment I'm trying to start a conversation about the war in hopes of getting people to call their congress members and tell them to VOTE NO. Best to you, David

Actually, when I first wrote about it, I was unsure that it was Obama who had made that comment. So let me add that I find it racist also. Once again, let me reiterate - don't use metaphors, you suck at them.

Anyway, David, here's the thing, while I give you credit for trying to stop the war and gather support for an anti-war movement, here's the simple truth - you really haven't accomplished shit. This is by no means a personal slam, mind you. It's just letting you know that the system in place is horribly broken and they just don't give a flying crap about those that oppose their wars. The problem is way deeper than just thinking "well, if we wave banners and tell people the TRUTH, they'll impeach Bush and Cheney and the war will end." They. Don't. Care. Let me quote Dick Cheney in regards to your vast efforts thus far:


That's not to say you shouldn't try. Of course you should.

But just realize this:

1) Bush is going to blast through a deal with some Iraqi leader of some sort that will basically make Iraq U.S. property. It's the sort of deal they used to make with random Native Americans and then slaughter them all.

2) War funding will go through, one way or another.

3) Our best hope at ending the war is Obama. And even I can't say for sure if he'll even follow his plans. Obama's a politician. If he becomes President, hopefully the war will be ended. But the fact that Democrats have been willing to wait out another Bush term to do something about Irag and Afghanistan, doesn't give me tons of confidence. And if McCain wins, well, you'll have a full four more years of protesting into a void. Once again, the system is broken.

4) If Bush doesn't attack Iran before he leaves office I'll be shocked.

So basically, thanks for your anti-war efforts, they are admirable, but you have really not even moved a teaspoon of water from the ocean that is the war.

But, by being a callous, uncaring, unwilling-to-learn, misogynist, you just dumped a boat-load of water back into the ocean of sexism. And sexism and sexual violence and rape matter to us. No matter how much you shout "OMG WAR!!!!" we will not be deterred from fighting sexism.

We understand that war is evil and wrong, we want to fight that, as well. The problem here is that you don't understand, nor care to understand why using rape as a metaphor is wrong. In fact, you feel justified.

You are not just a fauxgressive, David. You are an ideologue that is myopic to all other views and feelings other than his one goal. You know, like George W. Bush.


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