Hillary Sexism Watch Part 105

(Though Hillary Clinton is the primary target here, she is not the only target; plenty of room for Michelle Obama and Nancy Pelosi, too!)

Bill Wolfrum posted this awesome video (no sexism during the primary, huh?) awhile ago, but I just had occasion to watch it again, and noticed something that warrants comments as part of this series and just generally. While you're watching, check out the reactions to expressed sexism:

Some of the people reacting, certainly, find the expressions of misogyny amusing, but there are a handful who look really uncomfortable. Still, for the most part, they say nothing. Nervous laughter not withstanding.

And that was one of the things I found most disappointing during the primary—that even many progressive bloggers who didn't join in the sexist attacks on Clinton (and never would do such a thing) didn't make much effort to condemn them either, creating the silence in which reverberating misogyny echoes.

Sometimes men who are trying to be active feminist allies ask me for ideas on what practical steps they can take to make a difference, where they should aim their teaspoon. And the first thing I always tell them is "Say something." Say something when another guy makes a sexist joke or a rape joke. Say something when your boss is crediting you with an idea that's really your female coworker's. Say something when people are talking about why they don't like some female public figure and offer some obvious bit of unexamined sexist framing (e.g. has a terrible voice, has a bad marriage, is ugly). Say something whenever you can, even if it's just to say, "What makes you think I'd find that funny?" or, simply, "That's not fair."

Just say something.

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