Fact: You are paying more for gas due to failed Bush, Republican policies

Conservative blogger Patrick Ruffini has helped start a new Web site - The Next Right -which apparently was designed to try to rein in Republicans who think that "Big Government" is the big problem with the U.S. and nothing that can't be fixed without cutting myriad social programs.

While Ruffini does appear to be making an effort to create a more intellectually honest forum for Republicans to speak their minds, they're Republicans, so intellectual honesty is still hard to come by. The commentary still focuses a great deal on how much the right despises the left, but it also focuses a great deal on how much the right hates the right.

While any effort at real discourse should be welcomed, The Next Right is still a disinformation clearinghouse. Take the post "How did the GOP get stuck “Defending Big Oil” again?"

Now, this post could have been just five words long: "Because that's what they do." But the post is more about how to change the oil debate to make the GOP look better rather than on how to do anything about oil prices:
First, I don’t see any reason at all we need to keep getting stuck with the “defending tax breaks for big oil” charge over and over again. Subsidies are not a free market principle. Let’s cut ‘em and get the issue off the table.
Ok, with you so far.

Second, start talking about the Saudis. The Democrats are winning this debate because they’ve offered domestic oil companies up as a handy scapegoat. We’ve got to change the narrative and start focusing criticism on, gee I don’t know, the international cartel of terrorist funding despots that actually controls the oil supply? Of course, the legions of lobbyists and public affairs shops that the Saudi’s have retained around DC have absolutely nothing to do with why they haven’t been the subject of criticism.
Ah, there's that inability to discuss things factually again. I feel comforted. Intellectual dishonesty still reins at a place where a goal is to be more honest. Get terrorism mixed into the debate - a sure GOP win!

It's a huge lie, however. Basically, all OPEC and the Saudis are doing is acting like capitalists in regards to oil. They don't control the prices. And why should they flood the market when supply and demand are not out of whack?

Here is why the price of oil has gone through the roof: Failed Republican policies.

Oil is up because the dollar is down and speculators are running rampant. Oil is up because of the Right's twin love affairs - war and greed.

The market is in "over reaction mode," said (Dan Flynn, a market analyst at Alaron Trading in Chicago). "For every one headline we get to bring the market down, we get two headlines that bring it back up."

The decline of the U.S. dollar is one of the headlines the market is responding to today, according to Flynn. Geopolitical concerns have also pressured the market recently, he added.

In currency trading, the euro traded at $1.5538, down from $1.5545 late Monday in New York.

A weaker dollar and a possible interest rate hike encourages buying by investors who view oil and other commodities as a hedge against inflation. The dollar's retreat also makes dollar-denominated commodities more appealing to overseas investors.
Retail gas prices rose nine-tenths of a cent to a fourth straight record of $4.052, according to AAA. The price of diesel fuel rose seven-tenths of a cent to an all-time high of $4.792 a gallon.
The right - even the "next" right - can blather about terrorists and drilling more and no new refineries as much as they want. But the price of a barrel of oil is up because of the policies of George W. Bush and the Republicans that followed with him lockstep.

The dollar is down, inflation is through the roof (just because the government doesn't count energy and food in its method of calculating inflation doesn't mean they don't exist), people are losing their jobs and their homes and the price of oil is going up.

Because of failed Republican policies.

The right will try to change the debate. They will blame high oil prices on Al Gore. They'll blame it on terrorists. They'll blame it on anyone but themselves. But the truth is, if those on the right want to really know why oil prices have skyrocketed, all they have to do is look to the White House. And then look in a mirror.


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