CNN: Lowering the Bar Even More

CNN really is full of fail today. Not content simply to brush off rape and kidnapping as mere incest, now the "Most Trusted Name in News" has decided to engage in some good old-fashioned victim-blaming:
If you haven't blown up your television in the past few years because of coverage such as this, you know that R. Kelly's victim was thirteen at the time. Which means if she was a "vixen" who manipulated him into sex, that she was raped by him. I don't care if a thirteen-year-old girl threw herself at him, it was illegal for him to reciprocate, because a thirteen-year-old isn't old enough to consent to sex. That's what adulthood is about -- being mature enough to at least fucking decline when a child propositions you. (I doubt, of course, that she did; I'd place rather more money on R. having been the one doing the manipulating, but it's irrelevant anyhow. Thirteen is simply too young, end of story.)

There's no excuse for an adult to rape a thirteen-year-old. None. And it's disgusting that CNN would even entertain the possibility. But it isn't surprising. Not by a long shot. After all, R. Kelly was probably just manipulated by that wily tween vixen. He couldn't help himself. Poor guy.

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