Bush: Without the BS, all you have is "uh"

Looking back on my post yesterday examining President George W. Bush's comparison of World War II with the Occupation of Iraq and the backassward, whatever-it-should-be-called military thing the U.S. is doing in Afghanistan, One other line jumped out at me from Bush:

The result, Bush says, was "generations of security and peace" in the United States.

Now, say a "generation" is 20 years (it's actually more than that today with the median age of first time mothers at 25).

World War II ended in 1945.

The Korean War started in 1950. And while it's nickname is the "Forgotten War" it actually happened, leading to:

33,741 U.S. dead and nearly 100,000 injured. Roughly, 4 million died in that "forgotten" conflict.

Full-scale U.S. military involvement in Vietnam started in 1963, eventually leading to:

58,000 U.S. dead and 350,000 injured. Roughly, 4 million died in this not-forgotten conflict.

In between and during Korea and Vietnam, there were countless other military actions including in Indonesia, and Iran, leading to more American troops dying, and millions and millions of non-Americans dead.

Within less than one generation after World War II, the U.S. had nearly 100,000 troops killed and a million injured, and was involved in numerous conflicts and covert actions, and had a hand in the deaths of millions around the globe.

To Bush - who without the BS, all you have is "uh" - that is Generations of security and peace.


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