Abrad2345 releases latest video as hoax "Martin" Eisenstadt

Let's get this part high up in the story, shall we?

M.Thomas Eisenstadt is a hoax.

Martin Eisenstadt is a hoax.

Abrad2345 is a hoax.

The Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy is a hoax.

Oh, and someone named Marnie Vander Helsing is also a hoax.

It's all one guy, trying his best to be noticed, screw the ramifications.

Since last we spoke of M. Thomas Eisenstadt - the hoax formerly known as Abrad2345 - he has been mostly quiet, limiting his blog posts mostly to a crpytic response to myself, as well as a post stating that he was changing his name to "Martin Eisenstadt," possibly after being contacted by the real Michael Eisenstadt of the Washington Institute.

Oh yeah, and being that M. Thomas Eisenstadt Martin Eisenstadt was once known as viral blogger Abrad2345, he couldn't resist to make a new video, which was posted two weeks ago and shows "Mr. Eisenstadt" on a Iraqi TV program during the Baghdad Business Expo, held in February. "Mr. Eisenstadt" it seems is gung ho about building Casinos in the Green Zone in Baghdad.

If there were any remaining questions on whether "Martin Eisenstadt" was actually Abrad2345, the above video is the final bit of proof. Take a look at the Abrad2345 video below and then the video above, and if you look closely, you can see an interesting bit of evidence - it's the same guy.

I received a link to the Iraq business video from Iraqi blogger and activist Raed Jarrar. While Jarrar said the video came from Iraqi TV, I find it hard to believe that and believe the video was made in a set in the U.S. However, it could be an actual TV program. But again, I doubt that. Especially when you look at the photos they put up in the video.

By the way, the video on top was posted two weeks ago by someone who joined YouTube a month ago.

Now, I have a basic understanding of satire. And Abrad2345 / Martin Eisenstadt doesn't really have the touch for it. While the videos are designed to mock Republican candidates, they scream of self-promotion. Aside from that, they just aren't that funny.

So while I understand that there is ample room for satire, and that with the election upcoming, the chance to be noticed is greater than ever, I consider Abrad2345 to be a nuisance, albeit one that is not entirely harmless:

1) He stole Michael Eisenstadt's identity.

2) He actively states that he works for John McCain.

3) He has enraged some Iraqis, thus, even in a minute way, hurting relations between real Iraqis and real Americans.

Basically, if someone wants to be the new Andy Kaufman, I say go for it. But once you've failed like M.Thomas Eisenstadt / Abrad2345 / Martin Eisenstadt, it's time to give it up and move onto other things before you end up in court.

So while I can't say I know the actual name of "Martin Eisenstadt" (maybe someone will finally recognize him), I don't really care that much. He's just a comic that wants attention and is willing to do a great deal of work under a plethora of different names to get it done.

In the end, I can't imagine that Abrad2345 / Martin Eisenstadt is working for any group. It's one guy who seems excited when he excites those of us who are into politics. My advice - move on to a different shtick before you get into any real trouble. The non-political audience is much bigger anyway. Why spend so much time and effort to get such a small audience to notice you? I struggle to see how getting me, or Juan Cole to notice you is a big victory.

Plus, it's just not funny. Abrad2345 got his 15 minutes of fame, and now he's working extra time to get 15 more minutes. It's not going to happen. It's time for Abrad2345 to take his act to the stage. Screwing with the political process for the sake of narcissism is truly foolish.


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