Where's the fire?

What's with the rush to get Hillary Clinton to drop out? There are only three weeks left in the primaries. Liss already covered John Aravosis' unhinged screed, but far more level-headed Terrance is saying the same thing. John Edwards has now endorsed Obama. And NARAL just endorsed Obama because:
Further, I believe Sen. Obama is going to be the Democratic nominee. He leads in pledged delegates, superdelegates, the popular vote, and cash-on-hand. As a former elected official, I know that having the three "m's" of a campaign - money, message and manpower (or womanpower!) - are how we win elections. Sen. Obama will be our next president.
I will spare you my rant about how ahistorical this kind of thing is, how men in Clinton's position -- or men who were way, way behind where she is now -- have not faced this kind of pressure to get out when the race was still up in the air (reminder: being ahead is not the same thing as having won).

I'm with Ellen Malcom of EMILY's List:
EMILY’s List president Ellen R. Malcolm said of the endorsement, “I think it is tremendously disrespectful to Sen. Clinton — who held up the nomination of a FDA commissioner in order to force approval of Plan B and who spoke so eloquently during the Supreme Court nomination about the importance of protecting Roe vs. Wade — to not give her the courtesy to finish the final three weeks of the primary process. It certainly must be disconcerting for elected leaders who stand up for reproductive rights and expect the choice community will stand with them.”
I would add, however, that it's also profoundly disrespectful to the voters in those states with contests in the next three weeks.

Again: where's the fire? Why not let everyone get a chance to meaningfully participate before you start declaring the race over?

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