Tell Me He Did Not Really Say This

A reporter asks Obama a question, and he tells her to hold on a second there, sweetie. Charming.

(Transcript below the fold.)

Better still, it's not the first time.

While flirting with female factory workers in Allentown, he called one "sweetie," a paternalistic way to address a woman if there ever was one. It might have worked had he been trying to do his best imitation of Lily Tomlin's Ernestine, the telephone operator, but this was no spoof. This was Obama trying to relate to working-class women in a way that went directly south.
Huh. It sure doesn't sound to me like it's the women he's trying to relate to in that video.

Edited to add transcript from Liss:

VO [female reporter]: …but he never spoke about the workers' biggest concern—their future.

Reporter: Senator, how are you going to help the American auto worker?

Obama: Hold, hold on one second, sweetie—we're gonna do, we'll do a press availability…

VO: This sweetie never did get an answer to that question.

Reporter: But we're at the plant! How are you going to help workers?

Obama Staffer Offscreen: Okay guys, thank you for coming, guys.

VO: In Sterling Heights, Peggy Agar, Channel 7 Action News.
Edited again to add: Obama did apologize.

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