Read These Now or Theater Seats Will Destroy You

I hope you kids had a good weekend. A friend visited on Saturday and we went to see Iron Man which pulled in 100.8 million dollars in the US. I enjoyed it and Paltrow didn't irritate me like she normally does. Robert Downey Jr. fit the role of Tony Stark perfectly. Other than the seats in the theater that left my knees an inflamed mess and my friend's back in spasm hell, (Aging is starting to suck.) my only complaint was the editing. I know Iron Man isn't a lush Peter Greenaway film with seamless transitions, but some of the jarring holes were ridiculous. Perhaps the uncut, special edition, pay an extra ten bucks DVD will correct those problems. In any case, it was a nice mindless diversion from the gardening hell this weekend. My knees may kill me from movie theater seats, but my whole body aches from placing landscaping block/stones. I did plant TOMATOES! Many more than I intended, but come August I will be one happy eater. Hopefully, baskets will overflow with San Marzanos, Cherokee Purples, and Romas. I did plant two varieties, Amish Paste and Aunt Gertie's Golden, that I have never tried. I love a nice golden/yellow tomato. I could babble some more, but I suspect you kids want some pesky news.

Lawyer says Austrian incest father "a broken man." (Reuters) He damn well better be!

"Four marines were killed in Anbar Province by a roadside bomb, and in Baghdad, the Iraqi president’s wife narrowly escaped an attack on her motorcade, officials said Sunday." (NY)

The Moscow Mosque

Steve Kreuscher wants a judge to allow him to legally change his name. He wants to be known as "In God We Trust." (Yahoo)

Sea lions shot dead on Columbia River as salmon battle rages.

"Residents of Myanmar's largest city were plunged into a primitive existence Monday, using candles instead of electricity, lining up to buy shrinking supplies of water and hacking their way through streets blocked by trees felled in a cyclone that killed more than 350." (AP)CNN is reporting that the death toll is at least 4000.

"The news isn't good for the morning-after pill. A constitutional court ruling in Chile recently banned the public health system from distributing free emergency contraception. In some parts of the US, there are legislative attempts to make access to the pill more difficult on the grounds that it is an abortion-inducing medicine. And while doctors in Italy who refused two women emergency contraception may face sanctions, there is no shortage of political and religious leaders supporting them." (Guardian:Comment is Free)

Will the real Gordon Brown please stand up? And then don’t sit down for a while. (TimesOnline)

British National Party wins London Assembly seat, joining a handful of openly gay members. (Pink News)

Ron Paul is still around. Bully! (MBO)

Bush proposes International Day of Prayer.

Democratic and Republican healthcare plans offer clear choices.

"Women with fibroids and endometriosis facing the possibility of hysterectomy may now choose less invasive treatment options to preserve fertility." (Science Daily)

Nearly One-third Of US Parents Don't Know What To Expect Of Infants.

Review: 'Battlestar Galactica' - The Road Less Traveled. (SyFy)

Seth MacFarlane just signed a super deal making him the highest-paid TV writer-producer. (Hollywood Reporter) Long live STEWIE!

Nuwaubians A friend sent me that link because there is a temple one block from her house.

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