Read These Now Because It is Your Civic Duty

It's TUESDAY! Indiana and my state of North Carolina get to cast their votes. I am registered unaffiliated and in NC I can choose which primary I want to vote. Decisions. Decisions. Am I feeling Republican or Democratic today? (grin) It's also National Masturbation Month! Once I perform my civic duty, I will go vote. HA! If I were really feeling it I could participate in the Maturbate-a-thon. This primary season is looking more hopeful.

In other news:

OH BULLY! McCain will seek judges like Roberts and Alito. C'mon McCain, admit you want to clone Scalia.

D.C. Madam: 'There was no way out."

Myanmar: Death toll more than 15,000. (CNN) Myanmar state radio says cyclone death toll soars above 22,000. (AP via Yahoo)

10 million children worldwide die from lack of health care. (AP)

U.S. set for first execution since end of moratorium.

Mystery deepens over German poet Schiller's skull. (Reuters)

Is bipolar disorder overdiagnosed? New Rhode Island Hospital study identifies problems with diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Whoo Hoo! New Clorox disinfectant is EPA registered to kill both known types of MRSA. (Eurekalert)

Washington U. to honor anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly. (ThinkProgress)

I am watching The Today Show as I am working on the Morning Readings. Every time Andrea Mitchell does a segment about Obama, she mentions what he is eating. One day it was corn bread. Of course she covered the waffle incident. She always randomly, well maybe not so random, decides to inform the audience what Obama is eating. She said, "while the debate over fuel wages on, Obama found his own source of energy. EATING his way across both primary states; from biscuits and hash browns to red velvet cake and then on to chicken wings." Because he eats does that make him more human? Now I am hungry and want red velvet cake. I guess I will settle for my usual breakfast of Raisin Bran.

Called the holy grail by some TV advertising executives, the age of so-called addressable TV marketing -- which would allow dog food ads to be sent only to dog owners -- has arrived.

This new paradigm will feature advanced set-top boxes -- courtesy of the cable industry's hush-hush Project Canoe initiative -- that will, the cable biz hopes, deliver on its long-touted promise of precisely targeting ads to individuals based on taste and lifestyle just like Internet advertising does. (Variety)

Dinosaur Bones Reveal Ancient Bug Bites.

Scientist develop an artificial mouth. (Science Daily)

What Is This? A Toy Set for a Microscopic Child?

I swear the Today Show is hilarious. Al Roker is visiting a nuclear missile launch facility. I am going to perform both of my civic duties now.

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