Read These Now Because Gold Bond Will Make You Tingle

A WOMAN pleads guilty in the Spitzer prostitution probe. Of course she does. What fucking choice does she have? It's just a woman providing a service for a MAN. Do the men ever pay the price? FUCK NO! Spare me the Spitzer resigned madness. (AP)

Cindy McCain is selling some of her African assets. Oops... Sudanese investments aren't kosher.

HA! McCain Envoy Promotes ‘Family Agenda'. Talking points make me wish I had a Mr. BIG.

Coming soon: the old geezer show

This opening paragraph of an AP story makes me want to drink more than I already do. "John McCain, looking through a crystal ball to 2013 and the end of a prospective first term, sees "spasmodic" but reduced violence in Iraq and Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden dead or captured and government spending curbed by his ready veto pen." It gets worse in the second paragraph. HUZZAH for booze!

O' NO! Someone needs glasses to drive a Citroën.

So now a new storm is the excuse. New aid setback as storm nears Burma.

Alaska first state to hit $4 a gallon gasoline. I am sure Boner, Blunt, or McConnell will appear on the teevee to tell us how important ANWR is very soon. DAMMIT IT KIDS, if we paid by the liter like Europe, it would be a different perspective.

Perhaps some Gold Bond Is The Breath Mint For Your Balls? Yes, Yes, It is...

"A Swiss marine biologist and an Australian quantum physicist have found that a species of shrimp from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, can see a world invisible to all other animals." (Science Daily)

Shrimp are Better than YOU!

Middle Class Relaxing With Marijuana.

Ok, Mister Petulant is bored as fuck reading anything. Being covered in duck fat is far more exciting than having to read any more of this crap. I will try to be more industrious tomorrow, but being an elitist, commie, socialist, pretentious, chain-smoking, pinko requires a lot of effort and I am more than certain I need to buy new shoes for such a function. YAY! Shopping for SHOEZ! Later kittens.

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