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[Note: I'm guest-posting at Suburban Guerrilla this week while Susie is out; my first post there created a rather ... interesting response, so I figured I'd cross-post it here, where the comment thread will undoubtedly go a bit differently. Call it an experiment.]

I thought I’d start off with a little exercise. A number of you have been saying in comments that it’s over, that Obama’s the nominee, that Clinton supporters just need to face reality. For the purposes of this exercise, we will accept that Obama is the nominee.

Next, we move on to the assumptions. For the purposes of this exercise, we will assume that Paul Krugman is correct when he says:
The point is that Mr. Obama may need those disgruntled Clinton supporters, lest he manage to lose in what ought to be a banner Democratic year.

So what should Mr. Obama and his supporters do?

Most immediately, they should realize that the continuing demonization of Mrs. Clinton serves nobody except Mr. McCain. One more trumped-up scandal won’t persuade the millions of voters who stuck with Mrs. Clinton despite incessant attacks on her character that she really was evil all along. But it might incline a few more of them to stay home in November.

Nor should Obama supporters dismiss Mrs. Clinton’s strength as a purely Appalachian phenomenon, with the implication that Clinton voters are just a bunch of hicks.

Mrs. Clinton needs to do her part: she needs to be careful not to act as a spoiler during what’s left of the primary, she needs to bow out gracefully if, as seems almost certain, Mr. Obama receives the nod, and she needs to campaign strongly for the nominee once the convention is over. She has said she’ll do that, and there’s no reason to believe that she doesn’t mean it.

But mainly it’s up to Mr. Obama to deliver the unity he has always promised — starting with his own party.
So, here’s the exercise for Obama supporters: Given what Krugman has laid out above, what is your plan for reaching out to disgruntled Clinton supporters? What do you think Obama should do to reach out to these voters? And finally, please explain the reasons why disgruntled Clinton supporters should vote *for* Obama.

Please note — I said for Obama. I’m not looking for reasons why anyone should vote against McCain, or to preserve the status quo on Roe v. Wade, or to put a Democrat in the White House, or anything else. I know those arguments. I want to hear why Obama qua Obama is worth supporting.

As succinctly as you can, provide positive — and preferably policy-based — reasons to vote *for* Obama in November. Thank you!

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