Oh, You Lucky Women!

As we all know, the ZOMG awesomest thing in the world about being a man is that you can write your name in the snow with your pee. But hey, snow doesn't exist all year in every part of the world; what the hell are guys supposed to do to keep entertained while relieving themselves* during the summer months? Huh? Huh?

Beer drinkers to the rescue!

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Two Belgian beer fans have launched a video game named 'Place to Pee', which allows players to slalom down ski slopes or kill aliens while relieving themselves at urinals.


The 'Place to Pee' booth is designed for two users at a time and offers two games -- blowing up aliens in outer space or skiing down a virtual slope. Gamers hit their target by aiming at sensors positioned on either side of the urinal.
But here's the best part... ZOMG, are you ready for this? I don't think you're ready for this.
A specially designed paper cone allows women to play too, the inventors say.
Ta-daah! Yes, you are very lucky women. As we all know, no one can stand the mind-numbing boredom during the thirty or so seconds it takes to pee; now you too can entertain yourselves in the potty!

If, you know, someone happens to install one of these urinals in the ladies room.


This has to be the greatest thing written in any Reuters article, ever, by the way:

"This thing had to be invented by Belgian people and that's what we are," they said.

Well, I can't argue with that! (Zuh?)

(*By the way, I'm curious if women's public washrooms have also been obnoxiously invaded with advertising. It seems you can't go anywhere without some sort of ad posted directly above the urinal right at eye level, which I find really annoying. Look, I'd like to be able to escape from constant ads for a few seconds of my day, thank you.)

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