Hillary Sexism Watch: Part Eighty-Eight

How bad is our latest example of sexism? It was noticed by Mark Steyn. Yes, that Mark Steyn.

The item in question is a column by Bob Ellis on the site of Australia's ABC television network (not to be confused with America's ABC). Now, I'm just speculating, but something tells me Mr. Ellis has some serious emotional issues he needs to work out:
"The road to the White House," she then exulted to her weeping followers, "runs through Pennsylvania!" - later amending this to "the road to Pennsylvania Avenue runs through Pennsylvania!"

I'm getting to hate this woman.

Her towering frigidity, blazing hubris, bellowing mendacity, varying accent from region to region, her high school-standard acting and ceaseless haughty impersonation of Debbie Reynolds in The Unsinkable Molly Brown have got me properly simmering, and her confident thick-witted fist-in-the-face oratory, in a voice a Spectator columnist once well described as "a half-shout", puts me in mind on some nights of the full moon like the one outside my window of the baleful, cruel contralto of my old lost love Bronwyn Bishop.

She is a stranger to consistency, sincerity and (at a guess) oral sex, a violent critic now and then of NAFTA which she and her husband thought up, and (it was wittily observed on CNN this week) knows in the end about as much about the inner workings of Executive Government as the White House pastry cook.
Classy guy, ain't he?

I'd like to say Ellis must be a conservative, but he isn't; Steyn describes Ellis as "an Aussie leftie and an Obama groupie," and a Wikipedia bio bears Steyn out, describing him as a supporter of Australia's Labour party. So this is yet more misogyny flowing from the left, even if it's the left in another country.

Incidentally, the real kicker isn't even in the column. After a commenter rightly calls Ellis "sexist scum," Ellis shoots back:
I wouldn't normally have raised this aspect of her private life but Hillary's failure to 'keep the dog on the porch', as the famous Arkansas phrase puts it, had this not then caused, or partly caused Monica, the impeachment, Karl Rove's 'morality politics', Gore's loss, Bush's win and, by global warming, the end of the world; like the length of Cleopatra's nose it's been, as it turns out, a big factor in everything that followed including a million deaths in Iraq and therefore probably worth noting by historians like me.
So not only is it Hillary's fault that Bill cheated on her, but she's also to blame for Al Gore losing, the war in Iraq, the questionable photos of Miley Cyrus, the Cubs' inability to win a world series since 1908, and chronic halitosis -- all because she allegedly can't give a good blow-job, the evidence for which is that Bill cheated on her.

I'm guessing Ellis is the kind of guy who has no idea what he's doing during cunnilingus. I don't know that for a fact -- indeed, I have no evidence to support that whatsoever. But if Ellis can make fact-free, irrelevant assertions about Hillary Clinton's sexual prowess and use it to trash her character, I don't see why I can't do the same to him.

Bob Ellis doesn't know how to lick pussy. And that, frankly, is why all life on Earth will be extinct in 4.5 billion years.

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