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Shaker Joe reports that Bill Maher is still a wanker who insists on telling rape jokes, ending his last "New Rules" with the hilarious line: "And let us not forget as we say our adieu for this season, that there is a clear path to the nomination for Hillary. She just needs to raise a lot of money; she needs to woo a key group of super delegates and she needs Reverend Jeremiah Wright to rape a white woman."

Shaker TS forwards maddening news out of India: A 6-year-old girl was thrown onto a fire by a man who saw her walking through a path reserved for upper caste villagers, because she is a Dalit (from the class known as the "untouchables"). The man who pushed her has been charged with attempted murder.

Shaker Graham sends this link with the note:
I was reading my local newspaper this morning and I thought I would send you a link to this particular article. It's rather lengthy, but about three-quarters of the way down the first page, is this paragraph...

"The board says two assaults against women -- one before the hijacking in 1972 and another against a female psychiatrist in 1986 -- show acute hostility towards women. Psychiatrists have said he is a sexual deviant who has a penchant for non-consensual sex.

Sound familiar?
Meanwhile, Shaker Rebecca notes that the BBC is now finally using the word rape to describe what Josef Fritzl did to the daughter he held captive for 24 years.

Shaker Constant Comment recommends the column "Men of the Cloth" by Katha Pollitt, writing for the Chicago Tribune.

Shaker Befrismf wants to know when karate-kicking your wife became funny.

Shaker Terri forwards this charming image from Truthdig.

Shaker Adam reminds us it's shark season (again). Are you scared yet?

And Shaker Mom of E's recommends "Felled by the Hortatory Subjunctive."

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