For My Mother

Mothers are the most important beings in the world. In my case, a father disappeared, was too busy with a second wife and felt signing a check to provide “support” was enough. At least he did that. I am thankful with a whole gushing heart for my mother. She raised me alone and I am none the worse for it. Yes, we had/have our ups and down, but that makes us stronger. It also makes me appreciate her more. The older I become, the more I appreciate how she struggled to succeed in life and still managed to raise a somewhat well adjusted child. I know I could write a typical, “my mother loves her gay son,” post, but that isn’t necessary. Being gay was not an issue. She has always accepted me for who I am. She loves her son regardless of his eccentricities, quick temper, and rolling of the eyes with whatever is said in any conversation. (I did come by that temper naturally. Ha!) She never pushed an agenda on me and let me evolve into me. I think one of the greatest things she ever said (besides ‘I love YOU’) was during my teenage years when an aunt would push us to attend church. My mother said: “If you want to go to church, go. I work all week and Sunday is my only time to sleep. I would rather sleep.” Ha!

Here are some early pics of Mama Petulance circa 1970 and when I was probably about five.

Woe is Me

mama petulance and the fuzz
Mama Petulance

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