Dennis Hastert joins law firm that wants to destroy everything Republicans believe

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has joined the law firm of Dickstein Shapiro as an adviser and consultant.

Seems harmless enough at first glance, but when you delve deeper into what Dickstein Shapiro LLP is all about, a horrid, nightmarish, apocalyptic fact leaps out at you. Dickstein Shapiro is committed to diversity. And not just any old diversity, either. They're accepting of trangeder individuals, as well.

From the Dickstein Shapiro web site:
Dickstein Shapiro’s innovative solutions and superior client service come from the talent and diversity of our attorneys and staff. Our Firm has a steadfast commitment to fostering a diverse work environment in which racial and ethnic minorities, women, people with disabilities, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals enjoy an atmosphere of inclusion and respect. The well-balanced workplace and diverse culture not only enrich the quality of life for Dickstein Shapiro employees, but also enhance the exceptional service our Firm provides our clients.

Dickstein Shapiro supports a variety of initiatives to ensure that diversity at our Firm is embraced and enhanced. These initiatives include recruitment, retention, and mentor programs geared toward the advancement of diverse employees; a women’s leadership initiative; support for research projects focused on diversity in the legal industry; a diversity speakers series featuring respected community leaders; and scholarship opportunities for minority law students. Our commitment to building a diverse workforce is yielding positive results. Dickstein Shapiro continues to be recognized as a leader in law firm diversity by both our clients and numerous independent publications.
M. Thomas Eisenstadt of the prestigious(?) Harding Institude for Freedom and Democracy and a member of John McCain's campaign team (see below), is personally horrified by this. Or maybe just horrified by transgenders. Or maybe he's just a dick.
Shame on Dennis Hastert for joining tranny lobbyist firm

... But going to work for transgender-friendly Dickstein and Shapiro? Well, I know I said I’d let bygones be bygones and focus on the present but my friend Stanley Rubin has told me stories about that operation that would make your blood curdle. And even though I fully endorse John McCain, I remember (like I remember Amalek) the dirty tricks campaign waged against my candidate at the time, Rudy.

Dennis, come on, buddy. I know you can do better. I defended you in the Mark Foley scandal, and now you’re just perpetuating stereotypes of the GOP. We’re going to have enough trouble this fall defeating Obama and heading off another Democrat landslide.
Eisenstadt, who has appeared on ABC’s World News, Crossfire, CBS Reports, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, Nightline and The Today Show and has been called one of the Neoconservative's "bright lights, so far appears to be the first to jump on this story. But with Michelle Malkin seeing her jihad on Rachel Ray coming to its conclusion, one can only imagine the upcoming storm of fauxtrage about to come from the right-wing-fringebot-osphere for Hastert's incredibly insensitive decision to work with a company that attempts to be sensitive.

By taking this job, Hastert has truly proven to be a traitorous, RINO. Because diversity truly goes against everything the Republican Party and their fascist base believe. Set your watch, in the next 24 hours or so you should be seeing about 278,000 right-wing blog posts all screaming "OMG, Hastert has teh Gay!!!"

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that Eisenstadt is on John McCain's staff as "a Liaison with the Jewish community" and "foreign policy advisor."

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