So, last night, at 10:57pm, I officially turned 34 years old.

That means I've outlived John Belushi, Chris Farley, Carole Lombard, Sam Cooke, Alexander the Great, and Jesus Christ, who all died at age 33.

Looking at that list, it really seems like I should have a more impressive empire by now, but I guess I'm a late bloomer.

Yesterday, someone asked me how old I was turning, and I had to think about it for a moment. When I was a kid, when it really mattered precisely how old I was (and it was never old enough), I used to think it was a ridiculous affectation of adulthood to pretend to not know how old you were. When one of my parents, or some other adult, would have to stop and do the math to figure out their own age, I'd roll my eyes exasperatedly, convinced there would never be a time when a person would stop caring about her or his own age, when it would be so infrequently top of mind that you could easily forget that second digit.

Now I get it. Okay, what year is it? '08? Right, that makes me 34.

There was also a time when I couldn't conceive of being totally unable to come up with suggestions for birthday presents, when, truly, all I wanted was a lovely, romantic evening out with my husband, and a (separate) lovely evening out with my husband and parents. Unrushed, uninterrupted, languid time with people I love. And that's what I got—plus a few extra wee goodies, like a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers and some very sexy chef's knives.

(Which may come in useful in the kitchen, and possibly also to expedite the expansion of my empire. Contemplating Alexander the Great has made me feel unaccomplished. I'm certain he had better weaponry.)

I also got a birthday card "from the Lost crew," care of Mama Shakes. Seriously, I cannot even tell you how hard I was laughing when I read all the signatures, each in their own handwriting, natch.

(Click to embiggen.)

Mama Shakes, always being the A-student—you see from whence I get this shit—even looked up how to write "Happy Birthday" in Korean to sign it from Sun and Jin.


34 looks all right so far.

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