Even now, with all that's happened, I still do not comprehend how it is possible, even on Fox News, for anyone to say these sentences...
Well, this is exactly why men shouldn't allow the vagina monologue to become a dialogue. Hillary Clinton, who's living by the gender sword, is going to be dying by the gender sword. She sends in Elton John to do her hissing when she's having a catfight with America.
...and immediately, in the same breath, follow up with this one...
It's ridiculous for anybody to throw around the misogyny word.
...without getting dragged off the TV in a straightjacket.

Extra bonus round: the same guy, a few minutes later:
This is absolutely silly, Lis. You know what? The woman is not called a B-word because she's assertive and aggressive; she's called a B-word because she acts like one.
Well, I'm glad we've made that crucial distinction, then.

I need a drink.

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