Stalking: Hilarious!

Hooray! I've joined the ranks of the humorless feminists. At least, I think I have, because these ads for Barska binoculars don't seem funny to me. Indeed, they seem incredibly creepy and disturbing. I kind of think it's because they're incredibly creepy and disturbing.

First off, don't let the font fool you -- these ads are not from 1978. They're from now. And they...well, let me just quote the one at right:
Love can be tough. That's why I'm so lucky I met Lucy. She only knows me as Bert, the guy from the flower shop. But my BARSKA Point 'n View Binoculars have brought us closer. Much, much closer than she'll ever know. Sure, some may call me a stalker, but I prefer to think of myself as a stranger enthusiast. I love the way she smiles. The way she brushes her hair in the morning. The way she gets all nervous in underground parking lots when she thinks someone's watching. [...] Oh, you should have seen her face when she opened her present the other day. I don't think anyone's ever given her a real live scorpion before. [...] Yes, love can be tough, but that's why you can't ever give up. Not ever.
That's...well, it's really not even not funny. It's frightening and sick and just plain wrong.

Now, Barska and their ad agency would no doubt note that they've got an ad with a female stalker too, so this ad isn't condoning violence against women. But come on, we all know there's far more violence committed by men against women than vice versa. Even the MRAs can't deny that.

And so the ad in question just makes me sick to my stomach -- literally. And it makes me completely and utterly disinterested in buying anything manufactured by Barska, ever. If that was the goal of this ad, then kudos.

(Via Sully)

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