Read These Now Because Change is Fleeting

Pundits speak. Gee... Who has the weapon of choice? I am such a simple man. Buffy and her stake seems more substantial, but that would regress to the 90s. How much did oil cost then? $120 a barrel was the norm? Oops...I am sure that will change in the immediate future. A CHANGE WILL MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE!

With all this rhetoric about change, Buddy the 'beautiful bulldog' excels at sleeping, snoring.

AHHHH... I will say this again as I did in comments at Shakes: I think all of the inadequate 2006 elected Democrats are the real threat for the party and the 2008 candidates aren't any better. We can all bitch and complain about a presidential nominee or hell, a sitting president, but until there is a Congress that actually displays their "weapon," just bend over and accept the reality. ADDITION: If you really think ANY Democratic President is going to change the political climate without a willing Congress, I say bend over again. I love the anal sex, but our elected officials offer a version that is more than pleasurable. HA! Sorry Kids, but there were a lot of the same promises in 2006 and hmmm... I am still scratching my ass. My finger does a better job and it feels a lot better than the floor show of whatever soundbite of choice.

And a MIRACLE, praise JEEBUS: a pregnant bank teller with twins survives a shooting!

Is religious tolerance really something Americans can do? (Bill Moyers)

YAY! Lesbians in Australia(in certain states) can legally accept their children. (Pink News)

What's Not To Like? Why Fondness Makes Us Poor Judges, But Dislike Is Spot-on.

Weird Tales turns 85.

Let whatever higher deity bless Reuters. If you believe in that shit. WARS will only cost the United States 170 billion dollars this year.

Because I don't give a shit about what is happening in the world and have been in a foul mood this week and just going through the motions, here is a pic of Alex O'Loughlin from Moonlight. Mustang Bobby should be happy that it returns on Friday. I love me some Moonlight also.


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