Portrait of the Blowhard as a Middle-Aged Egomaniac

This Sunday's New York Times Magazine will feature a cover story on Chris Matthews. But you don't have to wait until the weekend; you can read it today. And it's not nearly as boring as it sounds. It's well-written, unflattering, and not a little sad. The NYT's Mark Leibovich presents a man who is boasting and insecure, who refers to himself in the third person and obsesses over his image. This Matthews chews with his mouth open, compulsively name-drops, and employs literary analogies in an attempt to appear educated. It shows us a man who talks over his wife at the dinner table and sincerely doesn't understand why he is perceived as sexist. But more importantly, it gives us a photo so disarmingly creepy that I feel a little molested just looking at it. It is, as Melissa puts it, "the personification of his own disturbing sexuality." I cannot emphasize enough the extent to which is creeps me out.
And the great man-child did appear on their televisions, and he did bloviate, and the people were frightened.

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