The People Speak

There are close to 14,000 comments on ABC's website regarding last night's Dem debate, and the people are none too happy:
This "debate" was a hack job. The American people deserve more thoughtful questions regarding real issues. ABC wasted everyone's time last night.
The Democratic debate last night exemplified everything that's wrong with the presidential campaigns and the media's coverage of it. Nearly an hour passed before a question of substance was directed at the candidates. At a time when the country should be confronting the war, a recession, a mortgage crisis and a lagging educational system, Gibson and Stephanopoulis chose to focus personal bickering. ABC squandered its opportunity to illuminate the candidates positions on these vital issues and did us all a disservice.
We are at war. The dollar is slipping. The country has a deficit in the billions. Our moral standing and reputation have been stained and damaged around the world due to our foreign policies. The environment is a mess. Social Security reform and Healthcare solutions have been mired by political deadlocks - ABC had the chance to ask 2 of the only 3 potential presidents for the next 4 years on how they plan to deal with these issues - and what did we get? Questions about why a candidate doesn't wear a lapel pin? Are you kidding me? Last night's debate was not news nor journalism. It doesn't matter what party or candidate you support, last night's "debate" was insulting to those us who actually care about issues and policies.
We are not so stupid to believe that was a true debate. I cannot even begin to voice my anger. I'm a white woman from Ohio. I wear a cross around my neck sometimes. When I don't, does that make me less of a believer. Do you belive that drinking a boiler maker makes you a working class person from Pa or Ohio. Please I have never in my like drank a boiler maker. Does that make me less of a Ohioan. Do you really belive that people from Pa are so stupid to believe that drinking a beer makes you more electable. I'm done with ABC.
Health care? The two wars? Energy policy? Economic policy? National debt? No, according to the shills who run ABC news, Americans aren't savvy enough to listen to and ponder such adult concepts.
As a working journalist, I was appalled by the questions from Charlie and George. As moderators, they failed to shed new light on any important issues at this crucial moment in American history, but succeeded in insulting the candidates, the American people and serious journalists around the world. I will never watch ABC News again.
Voters are losing their homes, their jobs, paying $4/gallon and more for food, 4,000 of our young men and women have died in Iraq.......and the best these two 'moderators' can do is a re-hash of the mud-slinging of the past 8 weeks?We deserve better from the news media.This debate was a waste of time and contributed nothing but negativism to this campaign process. Shame on you ABC.
Absolutely disgraceful performance by your moderators last night. You are more condescending to the American people than anything said by either of these candidates, ever.
And there's much, much, much more.

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