Not the Way to Endorse a Female Candidate

Or any candidate. Use a homophobic/misogynistic slur:
North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley formally endorsed Hillary Clinton's White House bid Tuesday, saying the New York senator "gets it."

…Easley, a popular two term governor who is unable to run for re-election because of term limits, also praised Clinton for her persistence. "I've been accused of being persistent, and down right aggravating…but this lady right here makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy," Easley said.
"Pansy" is one of the many, many homophobic slurs that is infused with a heavy dose of misogyny—because it's generally used to mean not just any gay man, but specifically an effeminate gay man. Ya know, because being anything like a woman is the worst possible thing a man can be.

So while casually insulting gay men, Easley also managed to insult women, all in the process of trying to praise Hillary Clinton's fortitude.

Oh, the irony.

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