Lance Lances the Villagers

Go. Read.
The Insiders think that McCain and Clinton and Obama are running for the job of National Best Drinking Buddy and they've already decided McCain's the right man for that job...


The Insiders hate the Democrats because the Democrats actually plan to do things. And they want to talk about the things they want to do and how they plan to do them. So in order to cover a Democrat, journalists have to be able to keep up with discussions of policy and the intricacies of government, and most of our Journalistic Elite can't do this.


[Democrats] believe everybody can learn. They believe everybody wants to learn. They believe that if we all just put our minds to it and our backs into it, each of us as individuals, and we as a people, can make our lives and the nation better.

Republicans might object that it is in fact they not the Democrats who believe in that kind of hard work and self-reliance but those Republicans are kidding themselves or trying to kid us. Republicans believe that most people are lazy, stupid, venal, and generally useless except to the degree they will do the work necessary to make Republicans rich, without complaint and for very little money. They preach a gospel of hard work and self-reliance as an excuse not to give a good goddamn about anybody who isn't already rich, and they make excellent use of that excuse and don't give a good goddamn about anybody but themselves and their kind.

They don't give a good goddamn about the members of our National Press Corps. If they give them any thought, they despise them. They certainly don't expect them to understand or care about issues and policies. They rely on them not understanding or caring, in fact. They welcome the laziness and stupidity and vanity of the Insiders because that makes them easy to manipulate and distract.

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