From the Annals of Nannying: On How I Totally Rule.

We've been having a problem getting Ciara toilet-trained. She'll go for her mom, but not me or her dad. Her mom has been rewarding her with a pair of "big girl" underwear to put on over her diaper, but it hasn't been enough incentive to get her to go for me. So yesterday I did something I should have done months ago: I took Ciara to Target, and we bought supplies to make a potty chart. For those of you unfamiliar with the ways of the toddler, it's a way to motivate them to potty train. There are several boxes for each day of the week, and every time Ciara uses the toilet, she gets to place a sticker in a box. We're using butterfly and fish stickers for #1 and Sesame Street stickers for #2. When she fills the entire chart with stickers, she will be rewarded with a trip to Sea World. I also got "special after-potty" berry-scented foaming soap, which she finds exciting beyond all reason.

Did it work? Um, fuck YEAH it worked. She was asking to use the facilities before I even finished making the chart. As of this morning, she has gone six times. I've never been so happy to see someone take a pee in my life. She was all, "I'm a big girl!" and I was all "hell yeah you are." This is why they pay me the big bucks, people.

I claim this fridge in the name of Big Girl.

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