Bush Gives a Medal of Honor

I have been glued to the teevee today watching the lengthy hearings (lots of video will follow shortly) before the Senate Armed Services Committee and now the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In between segments, I switched to MSNBC because CSPAN stopped covering the hearings and I do not have access to CSPAN3. There was a Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House today to honor Michael Monsoor who died for this country. Since Bush is president, that means he has to be there.

During the MSNBC coverage of the hearings today, they interrupted to chat with Senator Joseph Lieberman (INDEPENDENT) and for a split second Lieberman almost trumped Bush in coverage of the ceremony, but an MSNBC producer screamed in the anchor's ear, "WE NEED TO LISTEN TO THE PRESIDENT; FUCK JOE!" (Screecherman was on the teevee to talk about how Iraq is a beautiful wonderland and bash Senators Clinton and Obama.)

Nonetheless, the MSNBC anchor assures us immediately after that the president "clearly got emotional," so all is right with the world. While there is definite emotion for the parents, I think a President who looks bored, cocky, grins inappropriately, shuffles his feet and has an air of "when is this shit over" during the recount of how this sailor died, isn't real emotion. Upon handing the Medal of Honor to the parents of the unfortunate sailor, Bush has a look of "are you gonna thank me for this?"


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