Bitchez is Cra-zee

The New Republic has been busily destroying its reputation ever since the halcyon days of Stephen Glass, and frankly, nothing that magazine does should surprise me. But holy fucking shit, this cover of Hillary Clinton surprised me (pdf).

Boy, TNR, could you spread the misogyny any thicker? "Voices in her head"? Really? Why code it? Why not just come right out and say what you're thinking -- call Hillary a "hysterical woman." After all, we all know what the etymology of "hysterical" is, right fellas? Them girlz is kee-raz-ee!

Hillary Clinton has had her issues in this race, mostly because she's been losing. Losing candidates always have to find a way to reframe the issues, shake up the race, and find a way to win. And that's a more difficult challenge than simply holding a lead. Add in the fact that Clinton's endgame strategy revolves more around talking superdelegates into supporting her than anything, and you've got the makings of some difficult spin.

But that doesn't make Clinton crazy. It makes her a politician. A pretty normal one, really, one who's doing everything she can to get over the top over a formidable opponent. This isn't "psychodrama." It's a campaign.

Jill says that "progressives should be better than this," and she's right. But there's nothing progressive about TNR. They're the magazine that backed the Iraq war, that published excerpts from The Bell Curve, a magazine that is this month daring to ask the question, "Is Obama Really a Marxist?" No, TNR is an even-the-liberal magazine, as in, "Even the liberal TNR supports carpet-bombing Iran."

Jill also adds something I wholeheartedly agree with: "I haven’t been a Clinton supporter, but the misogynist crap she’s gotten throughout the election has made me a whole lot more sympathetic towards her. There are a lot of questions to raise and a lot of skepticism to be had about both Democratic candidates — we can do that without resorting to sexist and racist crutches." Amen to that. There are real reasons to question Hillary Clinton on the war, on her commitment to progressive issues, on her disdain for progressive allies. (There are real reasons to question Barack Obama as well.) But none of those reasons are related to her being a woman. It continues to dismay me, how so many people who should be better than this continue to chose gender as the dealbreaker for Hillary Clinton. And now, even the liberal TNR has gotten into the act.

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