A vote for John McCain is a vote for George W. Bush

John McCain is George W. Bush. Make no mistake about it, the two are one and the same, sans the fact that one didn't skip out on his military duty. A McCain presidency means four more years of Bush, an attack on Iran, Syria, and anyone else that dares stand up to the U.S. while possessing oil. It also means more "Starve the beast", Milton Friedman economics, that have been proven to be chilling ineffective, uncaring and murderous.

Now while I understand the Democratic primary is a hard-fought one, the message is being lost that Bush has been an incompetent, murderous failure and that McCain will run his presidency in the same exact manner, except perhaps with more of a temper. The McCain = Bush meme needs to be pushed by not just Obama and Clinton, but by every Democrat, Independent and every old-school Republican. It needs to become mantra: A vote for John McCain in November is a vote for George W. Bush.

I mention this because John Aravosis had this point in a post today:

"I've received a lot of emails and comments like this from Hillary supporters. A recent PEW poll shows that 10% of Democrats who support Obama would defect and vote for McCain should Hillary become the candidate. But, a whopping 25% of Democrats who support Hillary would defect and vote for McCain should Obama become the candidate."
Personally, I just don't care whether it's Obama or Clinton that emerges with the Democratic nomination. Just. Don't. Care. My faith in U.S. politics and politicians is gone. The system is too broken, too corrupt, too secretive to be fixed by either Obama or Clinton, unless one of them possess heart and courage that we almost never see in politics today or even throughout history. This is nothing against either of them, but they are the proverbial "more of the same" in my book and status quo will continue and the government will continue its trek of becoming a completely separate entity from "We the People."

But for anyone, anyone to think that a vote for McCain would be a wise one is beyond my comprehension. If you chose to vote for Nader or someone else on the Nov. ballot, so be it. It's a democracy.

And, of course, people will have the democratic option to vote GOP. But a vote for John McCain is a vote for business regulating itself. It's a vote for more and deadlier wars. It's a vote to kill whatever is left of the middle class. It's a vote for ending all social programs. It's a vote for less civil rights. It's a vote to continue to be an international pariah. It's a vote against democracy.

Most importantly, a vote for John McCain is a vote for George W. Bush. And Democrats and anyone else who found the last eight years to be an appalling nightmare need to get the word out. Because the media sure as hell won't do it, and right now, neither will the top two Democrats.


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