Today in Disembodied Things

[Part Sixteen in an ongoing series. Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen.]

I've been avoiding this series for awhile, to be frank, because it was starting to get to me a bit. My "To Do" email file is full of images of disembodied parts of women's bodies being used as mouse pads, soap dispensers, and other useful household items, being marketed as chocolates and other edibles, and advertising films, books, and other media. And I've been assiduously filing them all away, telling myself I'd get to them all eventually while somewhat guiltily blogging about less important things, for the preservation of my own sanity.

Well, vacation's over.

Erica just sent me images of the "Bitchcruiser" bike—which isn't technically disembodied, but generally fits the theme of the series—and I am now sufficiently fucking aggravated to once again subvert my tenuous belief in the basic decency of humankind to delve back into the murky depths. [The below images are NSFW.]

Behold the Bitchcruiser

Her "tattoo" reads "Sex Machine." Ho ho ho.

The neck-impalement is oh-so-sexy.


I'm not sure what I can say that I haven't already said a dozen (or more) times before: This shit is appalling. Its sheer ubiquity, its pervasive determination to turn women's bodies, in part or in whole, into things for men's amusement and/or sexual gratification, is disgusting. It's no wonder that real women's bodies are treated as community property, when facsimiles thereof are mass produced for public consumption and use without judgment—except by grumpy old parade-pissing man-haters like me.

But if the commentary on women is heinous, so, too, is the commentary on straight men. Do straight men really need to feel like they're fucking a woman at all times? Does faux-fucking a female form really enhance a piss or a bike ride? Does the illusion of sticking an object in a female orifice really enhance sharpening a pencil or opening a beer? What an embarrassment, if it does. I frankly can't believe there aren't men up in fucking arms about the proliferation of this stuff, suggesting as it does that men are an absolute disgrace, whose debilitating sexuality overwhelms any capacity to treat women with respect.

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