To Protect and Serve

And rape you by the side of the road:
[Albany] It was early evening and already dark when the patrol car's emergency lights flashed in the rearview mirror of Lisa Shutter's Mitsubishi sedan on Quail Street, just off Central Avenue.

Police records show the officers called out a "Signal 38" to alert a dispatcher they were onto something suspicious and about to pull someone over. They would later write in a report that they had pulled her over for "failure to signal," although no ticket was issued, according to police records shared with the Times Union.

The actions of police in the minutes that followed would end in controversy rather than with an arrest. They would also leave Shutter, a 28-year-old single mother from Ravena, shaken and angry after one of the officers allegedly inserted his finger into Shutter's vagina on a public street during an apparent search for drugs.

When it was over, "I pulled off down the road and I just cried for probably a half hour," Shutter said. "I called my dad. ... I felt like I had been basically raped."
Perhaps because she had been.

And, as so frequently happens in cases of sexual assault by police, Shutter has been revictimized as she has tried to seek justice, having become "increasingly unnerved by her experience with internal affairs—which is known as the Office of Professional Standards—because male detectives twice requested she wear clothes from the night of the incident to re-enact the body search." Meanwhile, the ironically-named OPS has failed to even interview either of the officers involved in the incident.

I don't even know what to say anymore.

[H/T Feministing.]

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