Stay Classy

If you flit about the feminist blogosphere like I do, you may have come across the heartwarming story of the David and Goliath T-Shirt Company. They put up for sale a hilarious T-shirt bearing the legend, "NO MEANS NO...well maybe if I'm drunk." Ha! Date rape, so very funny! Needless to say, normal human beings like the folks at Feministing expressed outrage over the shirt, and in a happy ending, the shirt was ultimately pulled.

But wait! There's a surprise twist!

If you go to the page where the pro-date rape shirt was, you get this ad for a new T-shirt:

You get it? You see, those mean ol' feminists are just a bunch of bitches who can't take a joke! Oh, misogyny: you never get old.

Jessica says, "You know, if pointing out that trivializing rape is wrong makes me bitchy, so be it. I am a bitch. If bringing attention to the fact that a company shouldn't be selling pre-teens shirts that say rape is okay if a girl is drunk makes me a bitch, I'm okay with that. I am a big fucking bitch." Indeed. And if you can figure out based on this sequence of events why you'd want to be anything other than a bitch, let me know, because I sure don't see it.

No, if thinking the people at David and Goliath are a bunch of cobags makes one a bitch, then I'm happy to be a bitch myself. Of course, I think that would blow these morons' minds.

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