Search Trouble

by Shaker SKM

So, remember how Amazon used to respond to the search string "abortion" with the helpful query, "did you mean adoption?" And "homosexual" yielded titles like "loving homosexuals as Jesus would", etc. It's like the Church Lady is hunkered down inside the Amazon servers, pursing her lips and clucking as she sends out search results.

So just now I was looking for a copy of Judith Butler's Gender Trouble, and here are my top three search results:

Mmmokay...Neither the title nor the author name for the third entry is anything like my string. There were no other books with "gender" or "trouble" in the title that might warrant a third place slot? Based on customer reviews, Lee's book is about how gender is NOT socially constructed; rather, Lee holds that society is constructed by natural gender (and she pulls some "quantum physics" out her ass to "prove it"). Just keeping it balanced, and, hey, every point of view is equally valid, right? Even if I didn't search for it!

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