Read These Now or Reality Will Destroy You

Today's readings will be short as I have too many other things to do than stare at computer screens. Reality butts its evil head.

A website has been set up to support Madhi's case- Thanks Paul Canning.
The logic of the British authorities defies description. It seems incredible that they seriously suppose Mr Kazemi might put himself in the awful category of homosexual before the Iranian law in the hope that some Western country would accept him as an asylum-seeker. Is their argument that Mr Kazemi would not, in fact, face any danger if returned to Iran? That seems completely unjustified. Do they disbelieve his story, and think him an opportunistic chancer? That is so unlikely that we would like to know the evidence on which they have based their conclusion. Or are they merely worried that Mr Kazemi's case, even if completely genuine, even if refusal might lead to his brutal execution, would incite a great flood of genuine and bogus homosexual asylum-seekers from every corner of the world which the country could not cope with? Is it entirely impossible that Mr Kazemi's case has been dealt with by officials who regard a 19-year-old homosexual, and the state of homosexuality itself, with frank distaste? It seems more than likely. (Independent)
New Color $5 Bills Come Out Today

"I am worried that my son's view of women may be warped by the misogynistic attitudes implicit in these clinically explicit images, which are so freely available to internet-savvy youngsters." (Guardian)

"I'd love to have someone to clean up after me, give me drugs and arrange bus trips to see local high schoolers show off." (George the Bastard)

Monkey Snatching.

Woman sat on toilet for 2 years. These two humans have some serious mental issues.

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