Read These Now and Hopefully All Will Survive

Despite the bombs and turmoil, the Baghdad School of Music and Ballet continues, barely. (WSJ)

Five years after U.S. and British forces swept into Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein, many Iraqis are asking if the violence and upheaval that turned their lives upside down was worth it. (Reuters)

Iranians vote on Friday in a parliamentary election that conservatives are expected to win after many opponents of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were barred from running as candidates. (Reuters)

The name of this organic brand, TastyBaby makes me think of Soylent Green. Hell, everything reminds me of Soylent Green these days. (EarthTimes)

Preacherman John Hagee defends himself against charges of being anti-Catholic. Since Shakesville was once depicted as the capitol of ALL anti-Catholic sentiment, let us take communion and munch on the symbolic body of Christ to help Hagee through this trying time. I will share these with the masses.

"After the historical approval of the European Resolution on the case of Seyed Mehdi Kazemi (see below) the British Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, decided a few hours ago to suspend the procedure that would entail deportation to Iran for Mehdi Kazemi, the young Iranian gay, member of EveryOne Group ( What happened today is the result of the international intervention which saw EveryOne Group with the Nonviolent Radical Party and the associations Nessuno Tocchi Caino and Certi Diritti on the front line. "(IndyBay)

"George Galloway MP is accused of mouthing 'the propaganda of the Iranian dictatorship' after he claimed on the Channel 5 TV talk show The Wright Stuff this morning that the boyfriend of Gay asylum seeker Mehdi Kazemi was executed for sex crimes . The criticism comes from the Gay human rights group, OutRage!. " (Gay Republic)

Video from the BBC with an interview by phone with Kazemi and the Iranian Queer Organization.

Dutch to legalize gay sex in public park. (Telegraph

The Senate Foreign Relations committee on Thursday approved legislation that would repeal a travel and immigration ban on people with HIV. The measure now moves to a full vote on the Senate floor. (365gay)

Documenting a Feminist Past: Art World Critique at MOMA.

She Made It: Women Creating Television and Radio.

An unofficial list of Women Medal Recipients - Military and Civilian.

"Tibetan monks have gone on hunger strike to demand the release of protesters detained during the region's biggest demonstrations in almost 20 years, support groups said today." (Guardian)

Joseph Weizenbaum, a computer programmer who helped advance artificial intelligence only to become a critic of the technology later in his life, has died. He was 85. (Yahoo)

A portable DNA detector is in the works. (Science Daily)

Another Spitzer finds "large amounts of simple organic gases and water vapor in a possible planet-forming region around an infant star."

Because I have neglected a certain person this week, here is a Captain Jack/Doctor fan vid.

FINALLY! Portishead have a new album in April and it is was well worth the wait. It does not disappoint. Believe me. The first single "Machine Gun" rocks. Well, rocks in that I should slit my wrists with glee. HA! (NME)

Verizon Gets Cozy With P2P File-Sharers (AP) "Verizon wants to work with P2P companies that are focusing on delivery of legitimate media, like Pando - not systems where anyone can upload anything, which usually means lots of pirated material."

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