Gee... Who's Deciding This Election?

Voters or Reuters?
Somebody forgot to tell Hillary Clinton the Democratic presidential race is over and Barack Obama won.
I know the media and the powers that be have crowned Obama the winner. Maybe if I took enough acid I might understand the delegate math, but though it has driven me crazy at times, I appreciate that this year is a close race for the Democratic nominee. I do not enjoy the media, with its Fourth Estate Superiority, telling me who should win. My primary is late this year, May 6. It might prove IMPORTANT for once, and that makes me more excited about this election year.

This opening sentence by Reuters is not the “objective journalism” described in the latest style book that they clutch to their sweaty crotches. It is framing the story how they want it, as they always do, and it leaves me disgusted. Actual reporting is a lost art. Opinion is all that matters.

Day after day, I sit behind these computers flipping between “news” networks and view blatant bias butt its head with the pundits who choose ONE sentence to take out of context that will somehow destroy the Republic or a particular politician or party. And it ain’t just FOX. In the process, they decide their allegiance and DICTATE it to the masses who NEVER take the time to research beyond the sound bite or the first paragraph of a news article. That is our weak society and it is unfortunate.

I don’t pretend that I am some brilliant political mind, but I do recognize bullshit when I read or watch it.

I, and many voters, like to feel that our vote matters. Unfortunately, our pitiful media want to argue that we are irrelevant, and we allow that. Hey, perhaps we are and we delude ourselves that one vote is consequential. But, I will be damned if I allow the media to tell me what to think.

On May 6, I will cast my vote regardless and I hope it actually matters.


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