Ethnocentric Special Interests

I can only conclude based on this exchange that Lou Dobbs is the least self-aware human alive:
Summary: Lou Dobbs introduced the March 21 edition of CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight by announcing: "Tonight, Senator [Barack] Obama wins the endorsement of the nation's only Hispanic governor, Bill Richardson. Is Obama pandering to ethnocentric special interests again? We'll have complete coverage." The subsequent report included no discussion of whether Obama is "pandering to ethnocentric special interests."

Lou, you're kidding, right?

I know that as a white guy, you'd never understand this, but nobody, and I mean nobody, is as wedded to "ethnocentric special interests" as you are. Dude, you spend every night telling me how the Mexlamofascists are going to sneak into my home in the dark of night and replace my ketchup with salsa and force American Idol contestants to sing ranchero music. You are the very definition of "ethnocentric special interest." Shut the hell up. Please.

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