Ron Paul, Still a Misogynist Douchebag

We haven't talked about Ron Paul that much lately, mainly because we don't like to bring down the wrath of the eight Paulbots and their 1337 haxor skillz. But just in case Paul decides to run as a Libertarian, it's a good idea to remember that he's anti-choice as the day is long:
Congressman Ron Paul told activists at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday that he's the only authentic pro-life conservative left in the race for the Republican nomination. He talked about legislation he's put forward on abortion to authenticate his position.


Paul backed up his claim by pointing to pro-life legislation he's introduced in Congress.

He said he's proposed a "sanctity of human life" bill that would establish the principle that human life begins at conception.

"That's not a political statement, that's a scientific statement," he said.

Paul also touted a bill of his that would prevent the federal judiciary from having any authority over the abortion issue.

"Such legislation would allow states to have greater latitude in setting policy as it pertains to abortion without judicial legislation," he explained.

And if states decided to, say, outlaw all birth control and abortion rights, well, there wouldn't be a federal court to help women maintain basic control of their own reproductive rights. So if you're still thinking Ron Paul is a brave truthteller and defender of liberty -- hi, sucker!

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