No, There's No Misogyny in the Republican Party

So as you know, the Conservative Political Action Conference, or NAMBLA*, just completed their happy funtime hate conference. And at that lovely conference, they had some lovely, heartwarming signs and t-shirts. Now, there are many to choose from, but this one's my personal fave:

You know, what I really like about this shirt is the appended "Bitch."

The shirt would work without the gratuitous slur, of course. It's a reference to It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us, which Clinton wrote, and which led millions of wingers to say "Nuh-uh! Only I raise my child! Now get on the bus for your public schools, kids!" And while it isn't particularly funny, at least it's relatively coherent.

But adding "bitch" to the shirt? Genius. It changes the meaning completely, from "I oppose Hillary Clinton's position that we need more societal involvement with regard to child-rearing" to "I am a misogynistic douchebag who is really afraid of women in power." It basically eliminates the whole first clause; indeed, I think they could have simply put the picture of Hillary, the "no" sign, and the word "bitch" on the shirt, and not changed the semantic details a whit.

Of course, Obama doesn't get away free from attack.

Okay, it's no "Hillary Clinton is a Bitch," but it's still pretty nicely xenophobic. It's funny, you see, because Obama's not white. It's like he's a foreigner! Get it? Get it? His middle name is "Hussein." Get it? He's, uh, a Communist! Because that's relevant to 2008! Get it?

But my favorite ad, by far, was this:

I'm not sure what it was advertising, exactly. All I know is that I've heard Larry Craig was very, very interested in this advertisement.

*Shamelessly stolen from Jon Stewart

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