Mark Cuban: Just another hypocritical "maverick" with his own agenda

From afar, I guess I like Mark Cuban. The owner of the Dallas Mavericks is a character, and in a sports world notorious for taking itself far too seriously, a little character can go a long way.

I say "from afar" because I'm sure if I actually knew Cuban, I'd find him horrifyingly grinding and irritating. He seems to be one of those twitchy, type-A types that believes every last one of the world's problems can be solved if you just scream "work harder!" loud and often enough.

But hey, the dude won the Internet lottery and gets to be a billionaire. Good for him. He's a salesman and a damned good one, and really doesn't seem like a bad guy.

But being a billionaire, entrepreneur and NBA team owner is no excuse to be ignorant. Because upon first reading of Cuban's post "My Presidential Endorsement" (which, he then refuses to make), I was struck by how ill-informed and, well, stupid he sounds in talking politics:

I've looked at the websites of current and previous candidates to get an understanding of their platforms. They all have positions, some of which I agree with, some of which I don't. But there is one thing that is missing from each and everyone of them, any manner of implementation. Health care, spending cuts, retaining or repealing tax cuts, keeping or removing troops, the soundbites with pretty numbers never end. [emphasis mine] Not a single candidate provides details on how exactly they are going to accomplish anything.

Now that's some great pandering to the people and all, Mark, but the fact is:

Hillary Clinton

--Plan for Healthcare (PDF)

--Plan to end the War on Iraq

Other issues, with lots and lots of details

Barack Obama

--Plan for Healthcare (PDF)

--Plan to end the War on Iraq (PDF)

--Other issues, with lots and lots of details

Heck, even John McCain has let his stand on what he plans to do if elected be known. As has Mike Huckabee.

But now, more from Mark:

It reminds me of business plans I get from kids who tell me about their vision and project all kinds of numbers leading to grand results. They can site historical facts and figures, but when it comes time to get into details of exactly how they are going to execute on their plans, the response is basically that they will figure it out as they go. I wouldn't invest in a business that is winging it any more than I want to vote for a presidential candidate that is winging it.

Unfortunately , they are all winging it. i have no question that they have every detail about how to spend their campaign contributions on advertising planned out. I have yet to see details on how they plan to accomplish all their great promises they are making to voters. That scares me.

Basically, Cuban is saying that politicians are all just a bunch of phonies who speak in generalities while never making a stand. He does this by speaking in generalities and not making a stand. And let us not talk about being scared. After all, Cuban thinks Ayn Rand had all the answers.

Anyway, Cuban goes on to take random swipes at McCain and Ron Paul before getting to his nut graph:

So here is my hope. My hope is that the entire primary process is just the preseason. That its nothing more than an expensive introduction to the Republican and Democratic candidates and once they have picked their winner, a wealthy individual will nominate them self to compete with the 2 parties and run for President.

[Emphasis his] Are you listening Mayor Bloomberg ? For less than the cost of opening a tent pole movie, you can change the status quo. I'm not saying that I'm going to vote for you yet. As I said above, the devil is in the details. But, I'm betting that unlike the current choices, you recognize the difference between politics and results.

Now, when I first read this, I wondered what the hell Cuban was babbling about? Bloomberg? Are you serious? Jeff Fecke has generated more excitement as a Presidential candidate than Michael Bloomberg has. And Fecke didn't even single-handedly bury Unity08.

Ah, but there's the crux of the matter: According to Wikipedia (and a solitary mention in a Cuban blog post about a year ago) Cuban "holds a position on the Unity08 political organization's advisory council."

And while Unity08 has gone to the place that astroturf campaigns go when they die, Bloomberg is still considered a potential Independent candidate - at least in Brownsdale, Minn. And taking a look at Google News, it's easy to see that right about now, Bloomberg's several supporters are starting to make noises that he should run, and should make his candidacy known sooner rather than later.

So basically, what Mark Cuban did was write a PR blog for Michael Bloomberg, while trashing the other candidates based on lies, while hiding his true agenda. Because Cuban isn't so much ignorant, just exceedingly intellectually dishonest, it seems.

In the end, it just makes me realize that I don't really like Cuban. Because unethical liars are just unlikable. Even from afar.


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