It's the War, Stupid

Dymaxion John:
Paul Krugman wants health care, fine: where's the money going to come from if we keep throwing money in the fire of burning MRAPs? Hillary's supporters say she's only "running" as the hawk candidate because, as a woman, she has to. But play that out -- she needs to win the general election, too, meaning that she'll have to out-hawk McCain. (If possible!) Then she'll need to run for re-election, so she'll actually have to be a hawk President, if she wins. Then her VP will need to win, too, so the hawkiness continues.

Or, you can choose not to play the game at all -- repudiate this war, and all wars of aggression.
This, I think, is a crucial point, and one reason why the vanishment of the Iraq and Afghan wars from the campaign has been such an alarming development. I hate to use that old cliche "blood and treasure," but it's just a fact that the wars are now costing in the range of $12,000,000,000 every month. There's just no way to get something like a national health plan, a balanced budget, a repaired tax code, or anything else with a constant expense like that burning away. It's also extremely difficult to get people to plan for the future when they're living in constant fear -- which is what the so-called "war on terror" has accomplished, and not by accident.

Honestly, unless a candidate is genuinely committed to ending at least the disaster in Iraq, any other promise they make is airware.

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