George W. Bush is a lying terrorist

You don't need to understand everything about the FISA bill battle. You don't need to know why Senate Democrats once again caved to the Bush Administration in trying to give telecom companies amnesty for breaking the law. It would be good to know it, and if you want to, I'd strongly advise reading Glenn Greenwald on the subject as he lays it all out as plain as could be.

But what's really important to realize is this, and no one in the government or the mainstream media will say it: George W. Bush is a liar and a terrorist when he says:

The House's failure to pass the bipartisan Senate bill would jeopardize the security of our citizens. As Director McConnell has told me, without this law, our ability to prevent new attacks will be weakened. And it will become harder for us to uncover terrorist plots.

It's that simple. Bush is lying. And, in his ruthless effort to keep the truth about his law-breaking hidden, he is terrorizing the citizens of the United States, and the world by making such claims. I'm no expert, but when he makes untrue statements such as "without this law, our ability to prevent new attacks will be weakened" he is purposely trying to terrorize the American people into demanding that Congress give him what he wants.

That is a terrorist act. Thus, George W. Bush is a terrorist.

Here's what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote in her blog, The Gavel:

On Friday, a surveillance law insisted upon by the President last August will expire. Today, an overwhelming majority of House Democrats voted to extend that law for three weeks so that agreement could be reached with the Senate on a better version of that law. The President and House Republicans refused to support the extension and therefore will bear the responsibility should any adverse national consequences result.

However, even if the Protect America Act expires later this week, the American people can be confident that our country remains safe and strong. Every order entered under the law can remain in effect for 12 months from the date it was issued.

Furthermore, the underlying Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which provides for the surveillance of terrorists and provides that in emergencies surveillance can begin without warrant, remains intact and available to our intelligence agencies. Unlike last August, the FISA court has no backlog of cases, and thus can issue necessary court orders for surveillance immediately.

Pelosi's words are true. She is not playing political games, she is writing the truth. All she missed out on saying was this - The President of the United States is a liar, and he is terrorizing the American people because he wants Congress to give retroactive immunity to telecoms that he had spy on Americans without warrants.

Because, guess what, with the existing rules, government agencies can spy on anyone they want, whenever they want. Atrios spells it out, once again, very simply:

It's amazing that lost in all of the discussion is that simple fact, that OH NOES THEY MIGHT HAVE TO GET A WARRANT. Which they can get retroactively.

See, they can get the warrant after they listen in on a call. They just need a warrant. They just need another party to know what they are doing and why. That's it. Thus, once again, when President Bush says something like:

"terrorists are planning new attacks on our country ... that will make Sept. 11 pale by comparison."

He is being a terrorist.

Because George Bush will not allow any bill on FISA go through that does not include retroactive immunity for telecoms. And his loyal lackies in the GOP will not even allow an extension on the bill, and they are doing so by using terrorist actions. Like Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, the senior Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, who said:

"Another extension represents a failure by the House Democratic majority to protect the American people."

Smith is lying to the American people and telling them that an extension to the current FISA laws could get them killed. That's a terrorist action. Period.

And what's really amazing is this: Bush will pardon every last telecom company that helped him spy without warrants. He will give them their retroactive immunity regardless. They will not lose billions of dollars in lawsuits. Because there is no chance whatsoever he'll allow a light to be shined on his Administration's law-breaking. Telecom companies, along with pretty much everyone else who has stood by and contributed to the Bush Administration's law-breaking will be pardoned. It is inevitable.

But Bush would rather Congress do the pardoning for him wherever possible. And they very likely will before his administration leaves office. And the mainstream media will let it all slide by with very little fanfare.

But that doesn't change the simple truth - George W. Bush is a terrorist.


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