Cut by taxes

You've noticed how the media take out the Democratic candidates, one by one? First Edwards. (Gawd! He gets his hair cut? Who ever heard of such a thing?) Now Clinton. (Such an unfeeling crybaby.) Then Obama. (We really haven't been fair, have we? We need some balance on Obama. We should really look at his shockingly radical background, shouldn't we?) Check back in late October, to see whether that last was right.

So I'm depressed. I can't tell whether I'm seeing the future, or just fearing it. Either way I see McCain, which isn't easy since the man's so crooked he can hide behind spiral staircases. (Not my own. Wodehouse.)

Meanwhile, every minute of every day the evidence for getting rid of the rancid Republican greaseballs gets more crushing.

In spring, an old coot's fancy turns to taxes, so I've started looking around for information. And the first thing that clobbers me over the skull is this:

  • The tuition and fees deduction. Bummer if you have a kid in college or are doing continuing education for a better degree.
  • But the teachers get screwed too. This is the last year for the educator expense deduction, which lets schoolteachers to write off up to $250 in out-of-pocket classroom expenses.
  • And this is the last year to claim breaks on home energy improvement purchases. This means more energy efficient windows, water heaters, etc. [Based on an article in the LATimes.]

I'm sure making it harder for underpaid teachers to buy school supplies for their underfunded schools will solve the nation's fiscal problems.

I didn't even notice when they slipped in these extra cuts, to join the thousands of others.

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