They Hate You

Unfortunately, Greenwald is exactly right about what an Obama nomination would mean:
There's a prevailing sense that Obama is not as offensive to the right-wing GOP faction as other Democratic and liberal candidates in the past have been, or that he's less "divisive" among them than Hillary. And that's true: for now, while he tries to take down the individual who has long provoked the most intense hatred -- literally -- among the Right. But anyone who doesn't think that that's all going to change instantaneously if Obama is the nominee hasn't been watching how this faction operates over the last 20 years. Hatred is their fuel. Just look at the bottomless personal animus they managed to generate over an anemic, mundane, inoffensive figure like John Kerry. At their Convention, they waved signs with band-aids mocking his purple hearts while cheering on two combat-avoiders. There will be more than enough of that intense hatred to go around if Obama is the nominee.
But don't just take his word for it; see, for example, this statement by right-winger Lisa Schiffrin, as caught by Digby:
I am having a tiny little pang of missing Hillary. Not her, but hating her. Hating Hillary has been such a central political impulse for so long now — 15 years — and I have had to work so hard to keep it up as she became more appealling looking, less shrill, more human — I don't really know what I will do with that newly freed strand of energy.
Oh, sure she knows. She'll just direct it at whoever comes along next, who appears to stand between the Republican Party and power. And she'll honestly believe that she is doing so out of principle. Sadly, hate is indeed the fuel that makes a lot of the modern American right go. It has been for a long time, and it can be redirected anywhere instantly.

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